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blucougar: (Default)
Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 04:34 am
So, I missed NaNoWriMo last year because I was in London and Cardiff, although my trip to Cardiff was the kick starter for my fic "Different Shade of Darkness", so I'm not too heartbroken about my non-NaNo participation in 2011. :D

This year, it's all systems go... Well, aside from that little inconvenience of getting sick the day that NaNo started. :(
I'm on the mend, but still not right. I just hope I'm properly better come the last two weeks of this month, when I have a couple of weeks off and the chance to focus fully on my current NaNo project. Details to follow, but sorry - I'm not writing fanfic this year. I'm actually not too sure of the quality of it so far, so chances are that it may never see the light of day beyond NaNo. We'll see.

Anyway, word count update:
As of the end of Day 5: 10, 071 words

I am currently on track with my word count, which is no small feat given how unwell I've been over the last six days. Let's hope I can keep it up....

ps, update pending for "Different Shades"...